How three phone calls can save a high-value subscription

The other day I had a pleasant customer service experience from a large company. These are so rare these days that it stuck with me so I wanted to share it in hopes you get an idea or two on how you could do something similar.

I use Walgreens to automatically refill a prescription every three months but it recently expired.

So what did they do?

They tried to contact my doctor twice to automatically renew it for me. He wanted me to come in for a checkup so he declined their renewal.

Well then Walgreens called me to let me know that

  1. they tried to renew it
  2. my doctor declined it
  3. that my doctor wanted me to come in for a checkup

Both Walgreens proactiveness with the renewal and their communication to me about a problem was surprising. I'd expect them to try to renew it because that makes them money, but I only expected a letter saying there was a problem weeks afterward.

In absolute terms, what Walgreens did amounted to only three phone calls. But those phone calls are valuable ones that help a regular customer.

What can you do with your Shopify store that's similar to this? Do you email customers when they should be refilling your product? Do you call your top 10% buyers?

These activities can be easier than you think and foster invaluable goodwill.

One common roadblock to these business boosting activities is not knowing who your best customers are.

Repeat Customer Insights is designed to help you figure that out, automatically.

Its analysis will automatically segment your customers based on several criteria so you can quickly see who should receive the bulk of your attention.

Eric Davis

Discover where your best customers come from

Going beyond simple attribution, Repeat Customer Insights lets you analyze and segment your customers by who first sent that customer your way.
This will let you find the best sources of long-term customers, not just anyone who orders.

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