Keep your Shopify store out of the digital shredder

Yesterday I spent some time shredding a basket of credit card offers, business loans, and other mass-mailed junk.

While cutting open the envelopes for the shredder, I couldn't help but glance at some of the sales copy.

There were a few gems but the majority of it was vague, generalized statements and claims that target a nebulous "American Household #102".

Some of these companies don't have a choice. They can't get the data needed to refine or personalize their sales messages. Others were just lazy and didn't put any effort in.

That's why they're left with soggy and weak copy.

But your store is different right?

You know your customers. You know what problems they have and what they care about. Your products target those problems.

It won't make writing the copy easy but it will be easier.

And better copy will help so many aspects of your store: marketing, traffic, conversions, customer service...

That'll make sure your offers don't end up in your customers' digital shred pile.

For a deeper understanding of your customers, you need to look at what they actually do. Their behavior.

Repeat Customer Insights can help with that by analyzing each customer's buying behavior and spotting patterns in it.

Eric Davis

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