Borrow your success from the winners

Yesterday I noticed that one of the tech newsletters I subscribe to just reached their 476th issue.

They only email weekly so that's nine years of email they've produced.

It started as just a side project for the founder and has now morphed into his full-time business (with employees).

You hear about overnight successes often in the news, but it's these steady growers that should be getting all the attention.

Week-after-week, day-by-day they are producing, improving, and getting better.

There's probably a couple in your industry (maybe even you). Find them and watch what they do.

Don't copy, just notice what they work on and see if there's a gap you can take advantage of.

Or better yet, look at a different industry and adapt their strategies to your store. Your competitors will think you're innovative, but you'll know the truth.

Most of business is doing the same things over and over again. The fundamentals don't change much, only the details.

One of the best ways to build a long-term business is by getting your customers to come back.

Repeat Customer Insights includes different analyses to help you understand your customer's behavior, all centered around getting that next purchase.

Eric Davis

Learn which products lead to the customers who spend the most

You can use the First Product Analysis in Repeat Customer Insights to see which products lead to the customers who spend the most. Going beyond best sellers, it looks at the long-term purchasing behavior of your customers.

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