Analyze how your customer base changes over time to find hidden trends

An extremely valuable analysis technique that's often overlooked is to evaluate how your customer base changes over time.

Not just demographic data (e.g. they are getting older) but how your different customer segments make-up your customer base as a whole.

Adding this time dimension to your customer segments can draw out a ton of ideas and trends.

It's not easy to do and takes time to collect enough data, but once you have that data it can be priceless. Repeat Customer Insights collects and saves that data as part of the Customer Grid History but even it only hints at what can be done with it.

If you can find the time to collect and run those analyses, you'd get an excellent view into the health of your customer base. I look at mine every month to get a feel for how things are evolving.

Eric Davis

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Measure which customers you're retaining and which you're losing

In order to keep your best customers, you need visibility into what's going on with them. Repeat Customer Insights will help you track down where you're losing customers and how to better target new ones.

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