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With Spring just around the corner, I've been monitoring the garden temperatures in the air and soil.

The experiment with the grow lights worked really well.

Too-well in fact...

The fava grew quite well (less than 3% failed to germinate). The peas though, they took off like little-green rockets and had to be moved to the greenhouse much earlier than I planned. Problem-is, it's just a touch too-cold for the peas to survive in the ground right now.

That means tracking the temperatures every day has become an important task. Once it's warm enough for the peas I can move them into the actual garden. Given the trends, that could happen later this week.

Without my thermometers I couldn't be as sure of that decision though. I'd have to rely on other gardener's advice, what's published in books, or the little data I collected from last year. All of which would only tell me March might be okay, but might be early.

I can know for sure by using the tools to measure and track trends. That makes the tools and the information they provide invaluable for my goal (yummy, early peas).

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