Knowledge (about your customers and products) is power

I was talking with a fellow Shopify app owner yesterday about reporting and metrics and I joked about something that stuck with me.

We were talking about how each of our apps help stores by finding out more about their customers (my app) and their products (his app).

My comment was that:

At the end of the day knowing which customers and which products are the best are what really matters. Then you just need to find and sell more of them.

I said it more as a truism phrased as a joke but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered.

How often are stores losing sight of that idea?

What if they've gotten so distracted by the latest tactics that they've forgotten about this or other fundamentals?

Today's tip is more of a reminder for you about this.

Remember to take the time look at which customers and products are the drivers of your business and consider how you can make them better. That could be by getting more, getting them cheaper, or getting rid of the weaker ones.

You can use my Repeat Customer Insights app to help with this on the customer side, its segmenting ability has really leveled up in the past couple of months.

But whatever you use, don't forget about this.

Eric Davis

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