Use the right analysis tools to optimize your repeat customer performance

Last week and today I've been spending time to optimize and speed up both Repeat Customer Insights and my main website.

I've made it a regular thing to optimize Repeat Customer Insights, usually before the winter holidays but my main website had years of accumulated cruft (even with the redesign).

I was only able to put in a few hours of optimizations on the website but ended up getting a 20-50% speedup in many of the important metrics. Pretty good ROI since much of my traffic comes from Google and they are rewarding faster websites.

This being the first time I really worked on the website performance, half that time was measuring, assessing, and planning out what to change. If I had a tool already setup that measured and accessed my performance, I would have been a lot more effective.

When it's time to optimize how your repeat customers are buying, Repeat Customer Insights is a tool you'll want. It'll automatically measure your order and customer performance and give you recommendations about how to improve.

It comes with a 14-day free trial so you can see how it works and get some ideas right away.

Eric Davis

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Which marketing tactics are attracting the best buyers?

By analyzing your customers, orders, and products, Repeat Customer Insights can help find which marketing tactics attract the best customers.

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