Focus on your best Shopify channels to attract better customers

An easy way to find your best sales channels in Shopify is to compare their performance against your average performance.

It sounds simple but Shopify's reports don't go into much detail. You can compare sales, net sales, and the like but none of the averaging metrics. It doesn't even show AOV, which is one of the simplest metrics. You have to do that math yourself in a spreadsheet.

Instead what if you were able to tell that your online store was creating orders with an 110% of your average AOV and they had a LTV of 125%? Or your Facebook channel was 80% of your AOV and only 10% of customers came back?

That comparison would give you the confidence to scale up your online store and lower your Facebook commitment.

This sort of analysis is what Repeat Customer Insights does with its Insights system. It'll compare and evaluate how customers perform in each channel and give you advice when they are under performing.

The point of reports isn't to just show data, it's to make better informed decisions. Deciding where the best place to get customers from requires evaluating each channel against each other.

Eric Davis

Optimize your promotion timing to save money and attention

Repeat Customer Insights will analyze a ton of customer behavior data for you, including their buying cycles.
If you knew exactly when the majority of your customers were ready to buy again, you can increase your orders and profit just by tweaking your message timing.

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