Getting a better view on last year's performance

Yesterday I started doing my own year-end review.

The point of this exercise is to try to get a perspective on the year as a whole. Something beyond the easy to measure metrics like revenue, AOV, etc.

The big metric for me is retention, represented by Repeat Purchase Rate. Since Repeat Customer Insights is a subscription app, tracking how many customers stay around from month-to-month is a key measurement.

It's a key metric for your Shopify store too. If you sell subscriptions it's probably the top metric you're watching. For everyone else, it's important for making sure customer acquisition costs are kept low.

Eric Davis

Analyze your customer's behaviors before they defect

Your customers aren't yours forever. Some might have defected today, never to be seen again.
You need to analyze your customer behavior so you can reach them before they defect.

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