Stop worrying about your software development

Get the results you need, with less stress and no panic

Everyone can use some help from time to time, and I’m here to help you with your web software.

Maybe you need a prototype or MVP built so you can launch your new venture.

Perhaps your team is struggling and could use a lifeboat.

Or your SaaS product has taken off and you’re running to keep up with it.

I’m Eric Davis, founder and lead developer of Little Stream Software, a software consultancy designed to help software companies improve their products.

After many years of working together, I can say with authority, that it’s a privilege and a delight to work with Eric Davis. For many years he has been the sole developer behind our most critical business software which manages our teams, projects and finances. Recently he helped us transition to our in-house team by spending a week training us. I along with my dev team had a wonderful time collaborating with him and now find the process of updating and deploying our own code to be easy and inspiring.

Eric is extremely well organized, unusually adept at setting expectations, and has an uncanny ability to identify and adopt cutting edge technologies just as they become stable but before they become popular. He is a rare gem. I can’t recommend him enough.

Peter Chester
Partner, CTO at Modern Tribe, Inc.

What can I help you with?


Application Planning

Knowing which path to take with software development is important.

An application roadmapping session will create that path for you and answer your pressing concerns about the software you need.


Development and implementation

Your business is unique, and so is your software. Blindly following the herd is no way to stand out.

You deserve custom development that is 100% tailored for you and your needs.


Problem with Rails?

Your Rails application started out great, however now you’re worried it might be in trouble. But are you really in trouble? And if you are, how deep is it?

You deserve a successful project

Creating software is tough, there are hundreds of things that you have to get right.

Doesn’t it make sense to work with someone who has the experience to succeed?

My clients have had a project success rate of over 95%.

In an industry where most projects fail, I’m pulling in successes 95% of the time.

(I didn’t believe it myself at first!)

That means the vast majority of my client projects have successfully fulfilled their goals on time and within budget – and so can yours.

I hired Eric to write a plug-in for the open source ticket tracking platform, Redmine. He was a great help from the start by helping us define what we needed and how we wanted the plugin to behave. He delivered the project right on time and at a great price. It worked like it should and continues to be an often downloaded plug-in for Redmine users (leaving the plug in open source was our choice). I highly recommend Eric for any Redmine development (or any Ruby work for that matter).

Burt Culver,
CTO, Fishpond Ltd

Not the typical “consultant failed to deliver” results.

But to get the best results, I have to be picky about who I work with.

My services are not for you if…

  • You’re not ready to collaborate with me on a frequent basis.
  • You’re not fully committed to your business and its growth.
  • You’re looking for a warm body to write code for you.

We might be a good fit if…

  • You’re willing to discuss your business and your business model with me.
  • You’re willing and open to changing any and all aspects of your business.
  • You care about the results more than the process or tools used.

So far all my clients love Redmine Timesheet Plugin as a billing tool as well. With your plugin, it is extremely hard for a developer to pad hours without getting caught by the client.

Actually your plugin is exactly what we have been wanting for over 5 years.

DeWayne Whitaker

A Zero-Obligation way to get started

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During this period you’ll also learn how I can provide results to my clients in the first week we work together.

To sign up, click the button below and enter your best email address. You’ll be sent an email to confirm that I have the correct address (and to keep spammers away). Then you’ll get the first email out of seven.

I’m ready and I’d like to learn more

Eric DavisEric Davis

P.S. Do you have an urgent question for me? Contact me and I’ll get back to you within a few business days.