Discover how to have custom software created faster, with less stress, and without burning piles of cash so your business can smash the accelerator to the floor

There is a legend that there are developers who are 10x as productive as others. Even if this number is off, you’ve probably experienced this with developers you’ve worked with…

(You might have even seen this happen with your other employees)

Some are amazingly productive and flat-out get shit done…

while others suck at their job.

They don’t know how to do the job they are paid to do.

They slack off.

They coast.

They’re a cost.

And a significant cost at that.

This is true in every field and industry. Software developers are not an exception.

Who is building your software?

Is your software project taking too long? Causing a lot of stress? Costing too much?

The first place to look is who is building it.

Maybe they need better training. Maybe they are missing a key experience. Maybe they aren’t the right people.

What if there was a “sure bet”

What if instead of staffing your project with people who have an unknown performance record and spending months to see “how they do”…

(Burning piles of cash, because let’s be honest here, developers are expensive)

Instead you could work with someone who had a proven track record AND…

there was a limit upfront so you can know if they’ll will work out in the first week?

Doesn’t that sound attractive?

What you could get

I’m Eric Davis. I help entrepreneurs build a successful software business.

Sometimes by building their product. Other times through automation to make their organization grow smoothly.

How do I make all of that happen?

When you hire me to work with you, you’ll get:

  • A hard budget so you’ll know how much you’ll invest. No more cash burning.
  • Dedicated time with me where I’ll focus 100% on your organization, instead of having someone partially focus.
  • A simple priority system so you can decide what are the most important things to finish, not endless planning meetings.
  • Actionable advice from my experiences, not guesses or “in a perfect world” solutions that never work.

Environment matters

You remember that story about the 10x developers and dead-weight employees? The unsaid factor is that the organization and environment they work in plays a major role.

  • John may be dead-weight in a large organization but a 10x-er in a startup.
  • Mary may be dead-weight in a startup but a 10x-er in a non-profit.

John and Mary’s first environments didn’t allow them to perform at their 10x. But when put someplace else, they excelled.

The environment is the missing piece. And it’s more than just “where they work”, it’s

  • who they work with
  • what resources they have
  • and most of all…

How that environment works with or against their pre-existing skills, experience, and talent.

Throw someone who is excelling into a new environment and they might drown.

What needs to happen is to find who has the potential to best help you and to grow that into a beneficial relationship. A 10x relationship.

Think of a “10x relationship” instead of a “10x developer”

When you’re working with someone in a 10x relationship, you’re getting more out of it than you’re putting in.

Synergy. 1+1=3.

Whatever you want to call it.

These relationships can take time to nurture and grow but they’re worth it.

It will feel like you could do anything and shit gets done. Not just done, done right.

Before you can start a 10x relationship, you need to start a basic relationship.

This is where I start with my new clients. Compatibility.

But first, compatibility…

Before we work together we need to make sure that we’re compatible.

My services are not for you if…

  • You’re not ready to collaborate with me on a frequent basis.
  • You’re not fully committed to your business and its growth.
  • You’re looking for a warm body to write code for you.

On the other hand, we might be a good fit if…

  • You’re willing to talk to me about your business and your business model.
  • You’re willing and open to changing any and all aspects of your business.
  • You care about the results more than the process used.

A Zero-obligation way to get started

The first step is to signup for my client services newsletter. It’s a short 7-day introduction to what it’s like to work with me and will let you better understand if we’re compatible.

You’ll also learn how I can provide results to my clients in the first week.

To sign up, click the button below and enter your best email address. You’ll be sent an email to confirm that I have the correct address (and to keep spammers away). Then you’ll get the first email of seven, starting our introductions.

I’m ready and I’d like to learn more

I’ll be honest, I turn down more clients than I accept. I say this not to brag. It’s more important to save my time and energy to work with the clients I can help the most and to let incompatible clients find someone else who fits them.

Eric Davis

P.S. By signing up for my client services newsletter you can see if we’re compatible and if I can help you create custom software faster, with less stress, and without burning piles of your cash.

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