I help small and medium sized project teams improve their communications by customizing Redmine.

  • Customized Redmine plugin, tailored to your specific business needs
  • Automation or elimination of wasteful and inefficient processes
  • Easy to use and standard interfaces

As the author of over 70 Redmine plugins and one of the core developers for Redmine itself, I’m the expert you need to customize Redmine.

As part of my application development process, I hold myself to the high quality standards. In order to do this I’ve adopted several development practices:

  • Frequent communication to project stakeholders, but not too much
  • Focus on long term application maintainability
  • Thoroughly tested applications
  • Scripted, repeatable, automated deployment to staging and production servers
  • Frequent releases, typically every few weeks
  • Continuous learning and professional growth



Eric DavisFounder, Developer, Geek

I have been developing and deploying web applications since 2003 ranging from invoicing systems, to ecommerce applications, to social networking sites. I’ve started several businesses, so the business side of a project comes easy to me.

Several of my application are available to the general public and are listed on my portfolio. My professional blog is available at theAdmin.org. You can also find me on Twitter at @edavis10. Want to learn more about me? Google Me.

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