My Background

Hi, I’m Eric Davis. I’m the founder, lead developer, lead marketer, cook, and everything else that keeps Little Stream Software running.

As you can tell, Little Stream Software is a company of one (human. My assistant Sara doesn’t do much more than sleep all day and wag her tail…)

This means that when you work with me, you’re working with the person who actually does the work. That’s nice for you because there are 0 communication issues once I understand you. I don’t have to tell an employee how to do something and have a loss in translation.

Being a solo consultant also means I approach projects differently, but that’s another topic entirely.

My background first and foremost is business.

Entrepreneurship bug

Early on in college I got the entrepreneurship bug, which I can blame my (now) wife for. The entire aspect of creating a business from scratch and filling a need in the world is great. This caused me to switch my major in college to business. Though entrepreneurship wasn’t taught there so I supplemented with a lot of business and startup books.

But during my college years I got into programming and self-taught myself a lot of what I know now.

…and then a developer

Since 2002/2003 I’ve been running servers and doing web development on personal and community sites. It wasn’t until 2005 when I really got seriously into development, when I first found Ruby on Rails.

I’m going to skip over a lot of the boring history here, but here are some highlights:

  • I started with Ruby and Ruby on Rails in 2005 and have worked with them ever since.
  • I’ve gone “off the Rails” and done quite a bit of pure Ruby.
  • Since college I’ve started four major business. I really enjoyed my 18th birthday, not because of a party but because I could finally enter into a legal contract on my own.

Consulting and marketing

Over the years I’ve been a consultant, I’ve been learning and self-teaching myself marketing. Marketing was the one weak area from my schooling (where marketing meant more about the 5Ps and branding than communicating with customers).

That journey has lead me through direct response marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization, email marketing (like this email), marketing automation, SEO, and all over the map.

With my skills at writing and programming along with an analytical perspective I’ve become drawn to marketing that uses those strengths. Primarily direct response marketing, conversion optimization, and copywriting. The three areas where technology and automation can really do amazing things for businesses that “get it”.

So that’s me. I’m a mixing pot of web developer and entrepreneur, with a strong streak of marketing.

Eric Davis

P.S. Though my bread-and-butter services is Ruby development, I’d be interested to take on a marketing project too. Or even writing some Ruby software to do marketing.



Interviews and speaking

I’d be happy to participate in interviews or guest appearances on podcasts. Topics that I’m really passionate about include:

  • Starting a solo consulting business
  • Building marketing systems for consultants
  • Bootstrapping self-funded startups