2014 Client Services Availability

I have three spots open in my client services for 2014. If you’re interested in having me work with you to help build your software product or marketing systems, please get in touch.

Who I’m looking for

A quick summary of what clients I’m looking for.

  • First and foremost, I either want to work with software companies who are trying to bring a commercial product to market (think Lean Startup, not Facebook) OR an established company who needs software to automate their business and marketing.
  • Small team, though I’m fine being the only developer.
  • Server side development using Ruby on Rails.

I’m going to be updating my portfolio but since it was last updated years ago, it is probably best to check my github account for some past work. Not everything is there though so if you would like to see something specific, email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

About my Client Services

For companies who are trying to build and maintain a software product I can help with the architecture, development, and maintenance. Problem projects, bad code, or other rescue projects are welcome.

For companies who are trying to use software to automate and streamline their business and marketing I can help with the architecture, development, deployment, and maintenance of those systems. From email marketing to data analysis and conversion optimization, I’ve built tools and systems that make it easier for companies to make more money with less expenses.

If you’re not quite sure if you’d be a good fit to work with me, I’ve created a free no-obligation email series that describes what you can expect when you work with me. Or if you’re ready right now, contact me so we can chat.

Eric Davis

Work with me

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