1-Click checkout in Shopify with dynamic checkout

With Amazon’s 1-click checkout patent now expired, Shopify has thrown their hat into the ring with their dynamic checkout buttons.

Dynamic checkout allows customers to your Shopify store to skip the cart pages and jump right into checkout. It also works with Apply Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and other checkout methods to even skip more of the checkout process.

I was in an early beta program for it and could how it might improve the conversions for Shopify stores. The biggest factor will be your product mix and customer buying behavior.

If dynamic checkout sounds like it might benefit your store, here’s Shopify’s documentation on how to enable it for your store. It also includes information about its limitations and potential app compatibilities.

Showing dynamic checkout buttons on your online store

Since neither Repeat Customer Insights or JSON-LD for SEO do anything with checkout or the cart, they aren’t impacted by this change at all.

Eric Davis

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