13 years of referrals

This week a group of friends were talking about internet providers and they mentioned one I was a customer of.

My ears perked up and I jumped into the conversation with heaps of praise for the company.

When did I last use that company's services?


looks at the calendar

That company had such stellar service that not only was I paying more for it back in the day but 13 years later I still gushed praise for them.

Part of it was that they are the only internet provider who wasn't evil but with such a low bar, they stood out.

They cost more.

They also weren't as fast as competitors.

Their website was also old looking and outdated, even back in 2005.

But even with those, they focused on what their customers cared about. Reliability and customer service.

Their internet was always on.

Anytime there was a problem, you could reach someone.

Unfortunately, I've long since moved away from their service area but their reputation has stuck with me.

And I've referred a lot of customers to them who take advantage of their service.

That's why taking care of your customers is important.

In this case, the business has no idea that I'm praising them and referring them customers. That's the downside of word-of-mouth.

Instead, they could try to analyze their customers and see who in there could be potential referrers.

With Repeat Customer Insights you can figure out who your best customers are so you know who to connect with. Taking that data you can go to Facebook, your CRM, or even your email marketing system and try to strengthen your bond with them.

Who knows, maybe in 13 years they'll be the ones praising your store.

Eric Davis

P.S. If you want internet service in the Bay Area, Sonic.net is the best.

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