1st to 2nd Repeat Purchase Rate as your main retention metric

Sometimes I hear from customers who get overwhelmed with the different metrics in Repeat Customer Insights or even Shopify's reports.

My app measures a lot of metrics because it has to work for all different types of Shopify stores. Different stages of their life, different needs, and all trying to improve different areas.

In reality you only need to track a handful of metrics in your store. Which handful? Well that depends.

If you have a specific project or optimization in mind, you'll probably a good idea of what metrics matter.

But if you're completely new? Track your Repeat Purchase Rate, specifically from the 1st order to the 2nd order. You want to grow it as high as you can without manipulating the number.

This specific metric will tell you have successful your store is at converting one-time customers into repeat customers. Keep working on it so it goes up and your other metrics (and store) should improve.

How high you can take it will depend on your specific situation. Repeat Customer Insights includes some advice and industry standard calculations in the app's Insights.

Eric Davis

Measure which customers you're retaining and which you're losing

In order to keep your best customers, you need visibility into what's going on with them. Repeat Customer Insights will help you track down where you're losing customers and how to better target new ones.

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