Use your existing customers to attract new customers

A Shopify store using Repeat Customer Insights asked about how to use the app to attract new customers.

Since the app doesn't know about new customers until their first order, you'll want to use the app's analyses to help identify which kinds of customers and marketing worked.

You'll benefit from uploading the customer export to Facebook or other audience-based advertisers to build a custom look alike audience. That audience would target potential customers who are similar to your existing customer base.

You can also use the LTV version of Facebook's importer to target your higher value customers (my app includes the LTV data) separate from the rest of the customers. That audience will be likely to attract the better customers.

Also if you having multiple sales channels and know where customers came from (the Acquisition Source in the app), then you might be able to upload those segments back to the sales channels' advertising. e.g. use the customers acquired from Facebook as a Facebook look alike audience.

Reinforcing what works (e.g. high LTV, bought on a specific channel) is a great way to attract more of those types of customers.

Eric Davis

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