Activities vs assets

There are two ways you can look at marketing:

  1. as an activity you have to do everyday
  2. as a process you use to build an asset

The first is more common and how new marketers look at it. It’s just an activity they have to do like bookkeeping, packing, and filing taxes.

The second is a better perspective though. Your marketing is building (marketing) assets which will provide you a return in the future.

In the first perspective you might spend an hour of day on social media and call that your marketing for the day.

The second perspective will see that hour as time spent building a community on social media (unless you use a platform that prevents building a community).

The first will see your monthly email as just a writing task where you have to be creative and avoid writers block.

The second will see your monthly email as a way to refine who is on your list and build loyalty with them.

Taking the asset perspective can be difficult as you now have to justify what you’re doing. You can’t spend hours on Twitter and call it marketing if all you do is retweet and get into arguments.

Don’t just blindly try marketing tactic after marketing tactic, hoping that a random one will grow your revenue.

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Eric Davis

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