Which add to cart button color converts the best in Shopify?

Recently a Sticky customer emailed me about the add to cart button their theme uses:

Do you have any info regarding which is the best color for the ADD TO CART? Or is just following the theme the best?

The best converting colors are very dependent on the rest of the page and your audience.

There’s no perfect design that works on all stores.

You can try to run an A/B test to find the best converting add to cart button color for your store. Unless you have a few hundred orders per month though, you won’t reach a valid result quickly enough to matter.

Not to mention that you’ll probably end up with a result of "no change" and still be left without a clear decision.

There usually are better and more impactful decisions to make than your add to cart button color.

You’re fine as long as it’s clear, visible, and eye-catching but not too overwhelming to your customers.

Which are a but a few of the conversion principles I designed Sticky with.

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