There's always another thing

No matter how many hours you work or how hard you work, there's always another thing you need to do.

I ran into this recently where I was assembling new furniture for my office before a meeting. What should have been an easy four-step process, turned into a Kafkaesque nightmare.

There are a handful of fundamental processes your Shopify store should be focused on.

  1. Manufacture or source merchandise for sell
  2. Attract new customers
  3. Retain existing customers
  4. Deliver orders

Everything beyond that is either optional or a distraction. Some are required (customer service, paying taxes) but they still pull you away from your focuses.

The more time, energy, and attention you can pay to your four core processes, the better your store will be. That's why Repeat Customer Insights is so focused on only one area, retaining customers.

Eric Davis

P.S. When I was consulting these processes ruled my work: lead generation, lead conversion, and project delivery. Everything else was subservient to those three.

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