Applying customer latency to a straightforward marketing campaign

Portland got hit pretty hard by snow and ice this winter. One problem was that the temperatures kept fluctuating so we had sheets of ice covering everything.

The other day I got this in the mail

What is really interesting about this is the copy and the timing. Specifically this part:

Symptoms can be delayed for days or months

I got this in early March on a day I was went for a run in shorts and a t-shirt. 2-3 months after the last big storm.

This is a great example of using latency in a marketing campaign.

Instead of mailing a campaign in winter about getting hurt when you slip on ice (which is another great idea), they waited a few months and tied any current aches and pains back to things that happened months ago.

Most people would struggle to remember what they did last week but if you back is hurting, maybe, just maybe it was from that slip you had back in December.

I'd bet traffic for this company is also pretty slow right now. With winter accidents already past and before people start going outside for Spring and Summer activities, they probably have a slump in sales.

By knowing their customers buying behavior and triggering events (ice falls), they've been able to tailor a marketing campaign that speaks directly to the customer.

This shows how basic knowledge about the marketplace can create a compelling marketing campaign. If they incorporated actual customer data and behavior, they could target their best customers and make a really powerful campaign.

Repeat Customer Insights' latency analysis can show you how to do that with your Shopify store. Start your free trial and see what behavior it can find with your customers.

Oh and yes, I did fall this winter and my knee still does kinda hurt a bit now that I think about it...

Eric Davis

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