Measure customer loyalty with Average Orders per Customer

An often missed metric for Shopify stores is the Average Orders per Customer.

It's a simple to understand metric: about how many orders does a customer place over their lifetime?

If you have an Average Orders per Customer of one, that means none of your customers buy a second time. Your store is 100% transactional with no customer loyalty.

While if you have 4.5 Average Orders per Customer you'd have more ideas. Some customers will make only one order. Some will place around four or five orders. Then a few might have dozens of orders.

Combine this with Average Order Value and now you have an idea about how much your average customer will spend over their lifetime. No fancy AI model required for forecasting.

Average Orders per Customer is one metric of dozens that Repeat Customer Insights calculates for you.

Eric Davis

Segment your customers automatically with RFM

Segmenting your customers has always been touted as a powerful marketing tool but many stores avoid it because it can be time-consuming.
Repeat Customer Insights will automatically segment your entire customer base for you based on the valuable data Shopify has already collected for you. Ranging from 5 to 30 to over 125+ different segments using RFM and other models, you can pick how much power you want to harness.

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