Avoid losing analytic data during a major Shopify redesign

The Shopify App Store is a major source of traffic for my Shopify apps so when the new version launched earlier this week I made it a priority to check into it.

I'm glad I did too because it turned out that somehow they were using the wrong Google Analytics code on my apps.

Google Analytics is the best way for me to track traffic across all of my sites and losing it on the App Store meant I was missing a major step in my sales funnel.

Luckily I caught it and fixed it early. But this reminded me of a lesson I've learned in the past.

Whenever you launch a new store, new theme, or do a major update to your store's code, make sure to double check that all of your systems are still receiving data.

Losing a day or two of data with a major update isn't world-ending. But forgetting about them and not realizing it until months later can have a massive impact.

Not every system uses this style of tracking though.

Repeat Customer Insights gets its data directly from Shopify so as long as your orders end up in Shopify, they'll end up in the app's analysis.

Eric Davis

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