Awareness is only the beginning

Last week I bought one of those wifi-enabled security cameras to keep an eye on the outside.

We started testing it and it wasn't even mounted yet before it caught a pair of people wandering into our backyard.

Then two days later, it caught someone dumping trash on a street corner.

That's the fourth or fifth time there's been trash dumped there in the past month.

We were aware that it was happening but never know who was doing it or who to ask to stop.

All we had was the symptom. Not the actual source.

Your store works like this too.

You might be aware your sales dropping (the symptom) but you're not sure how to fix that.

You need look at the data you're collecting to find the source.

To find the source you might end up needing to look at traffic (Google Analytics), conversions (Google Analytics, Shopify metrics), marketing channel performance (email provider, ads, social metrics), or repurchases (Repeat Customer Insights).

Being aware of a problem is only the first step. You then need data to find the root cause of the problem. Only then can you solve it.

Eric Davis

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