Benchmark your Shopify store to find the important metrics

The garden's been going really slow this year.

At first I thought it was just me. Perhaps I was doing something wrong. Bad seeds? Planted too early? Poor soil?

Then I heard a lot of others in the city having trouble growing things this spring. Measured against them, my garden is doing okay.

This measurement against the larger group is called benchmarking. It's useful to see if a problem lies with your store only or if it's a larger issue that everyone is dealing with.

As economies get stressed again and again, benchmarking will become even more important.

The whole Insights part of my Repeat Customer Insights app is based on benchmarking. Quite of a few of the metrics it calculates are then compared against ecommerce averages and if your store is doing poorly, it'll highlight that with ideas for improvements.

The hope is to let you find problems easier and focus on the important metrics that really matter.

Eric Davis

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