Which is best to focus your SEO on? Shopify product or collection pages?

A customer Zac emailed me about trying to get his Shopify store to rank better in Google.

When it comes to SEO link building, should I rank my product page individually or rank the entire collection?

Building links to both your collection and products are good ideas. In an ideal world with unlimited resources you’d do both.

But in the real world it would be easier and you’ll have better results if you focus on your products.

  1. Getting people to link to a specific product is easier because it’s more tangible than a group of products.

  2. You’ll be able to add more content to a product page, which will help influence Google. This includes the structured data from JSON-LD for SEO too.

  3. There are powerful Rich Snippets for product pages, but not any good ones for collection pages.

Once you have your products ranking well, then you can invest resources into getting your collections to rank. But even then, I bet there are better uses of your time and money.

Eric Davis

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