Figure out which merchandise new and repeat customers are buying

Some merchandise is great at attracting new customers. Other merchandise is great at retaining customers.

Oftentimes, those will be different products.

If you heavily promote only one type to everyone, you're not going to be performing your best.

Ideally you'd analyze your products to figure out which is which. What products bought in the first order end up creating the best customers? Then what products are bought in the second and third orders?

Figuring that out, and monitoring them, is the best way to know when in a customer's lifecycle you should promote each product.

In Repeat Customer Insights you can use the Nth Product Analysis for this. It breaks down which products are purchased in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc orders. Then it figures out how valuable of customers are buying those products.

Use that and create a shortlist of 2-5 products for new customers and 2-5 products for existing customers.

Then switch your promotions to feature these products.

Eric Davis

Discover where your best customers come from

Going beyond simple attribution, Repeat Customer Insights lets you analyze and segment your customers by who first sent that customer your way.
This will let you find the best sources of long-term customers, not just anyone who orders.

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