Look beyond busyness

It's been an interesting busy season so far.

The amount of data coming into Repeat Customer Insights has definitely increased since Black Friday. It's not a problem for the app or anywhere near the max capacity, but it's a good sign for the stores.

This increase means a lot of the fears of a recessionary slump haven't impacted the volume of orders for my customers.

That said, order volume isn't the end metric to watch for the stores. It's just an easy one I can see as the app operator during the day-to-day.

Really it's the profit that matters or the Repeat Purchase Rate if you're focusing on repeat customers.

When you're making decisions this month, be careful to account for those final metrics.

Order volume, Average Order Value, and even traffics and clicks should all be looked at with the final metrics in the back of your head. Otherwise you might optimize for the wrong metric and end the holiday in the red.

Eric Davis

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