Build a break-glass marketing campaign for downturns

Sometimes you just don't have the time or energy to build a marketing campaign.

For those times, you'll want to have a break-glass campaign prepared.

A break-glass campaign is a type of marketing campaign that you can run almost anytime. It's created when you have time and then saved for when you need it.

A break-glass-in-case-of-emergency time.

What to include in it will depend on what your typical marketing campaigns look like.

If they are five emails with a set of daily social media posts, then create a five email campaign with five social media posts.

If you normally send an email and update the banner on your store, then create the email and write down the banner text.

If you combine SMS with emails over a two week period, then create the same and save the SMS content someplace safe.

Don't over-complicate this. Use a simple offer you know works for you (e.g. 10% or free shipping weekend).

Then put all of this into a safe spot you'll find again.

If you don't use it within a year, open it up and refresh it. Or just send it and build a new break-glass campaign.

The point of these is to be a backup for when you really need them.

If you use Repeat Customer Insights when you develop them, you can make sure to target your best products and time the email schedule.

Eric Davis

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