Comparing sales channels for repeat customer acquisition

Knowing how sales channels perform is a key measurement to know where you focus your efforts.

Raw sales and order values are nice, but if you have repeat customers those can be tricky. If a customer first buys through your POS system and then later buys from your online store, is the POS or the online store the important channel to focus on?

Focus on the POS and you'll make the first purchase but might miss the later repeat purchase.

Focus on the online store and you might miss on attracting the customer in the first place.

Focus on both and you could be spreading your resources thin and not have the impact you want.

Usually the first sales channel is a big factor in the customer's behavior. So you'd probably want to focus on the POS. The online store is important too, just not as important.


But you won't know until you analyze the data a different way like with Repeat Customer Insights.

Instead of just showing which sales channel produced the order, it'll analyze the customer back to their original sales channel. This example customer would have their orders show up with the POS as the acquisition source, even if the later orders were made in the online store.

This will let you contrast customers acquired from the POS against the customers acquired from the online store. It could be that customers who first shop in-store are better customers and the online store is just a facilitate for their later orders.

Eric Davis

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