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The garden has been struggling this year. I'm not sure if it's from:

Regardless of the cause, there's not much I can do in the short-term.

This means I need to adjust down my expectations. Yields will be lower than I hoped, some plants won't produce at all, and some days might feel like a waste of time.

But if I continue to improve where I can, in the long-term things will start to work out. That's the underlying principle of continuous improvement (aka Kaizen).

When you're tracking your store's performance you'll quickly find a few metrics that are doing poorly. No matter what you do in the short-term, they don't seem to budge.

These require a similar approach:

Continue investing in improvements but don't expect big changes in the short-term.

Use whatever advice you can, like the insights in Repeat Customer Insights.

Stack of win after win, no matter how tiny. Be happy with a 1% or even a 0.1% improvement. Build up improvements year after year and eventually in the future, you'll be paid back.

Eric Davis

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