Convince customers to place early holiday orders

With the start of the holiday season imminent, you might want to consider starting early.

By getting some customers to order now, before the main rush, you’d be able to spread out the ordering spikes. That means less daily volume of orders to process, less risk of stock-outs, and a more steady cashflow through the month.

You’d just need to overcome your customer’s objection that there will be a better deal if they wait. To do that you can phrase your marketing to tell them this is the best deal or they are getting early access to the Black Friday deals.

You could even offer an incentive on top of the deal if you really want to shift their buying behavior away from the other sales.

If you start now, you’ll have about three weeks to get any early orders in and shipped before the main wave hits. That could prevent a lot of late nights.

(This strategy can also shift orders away from competitors)

The Store Analysis in Repeat Customer Insights can give you an idea of how many orders to expect each month. If you have the Growth plan you can drill down into the 4th quarters of prior years and see how it’s changed.

Eric Davis

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