Selecting the best customer segmenting model for your Shopify store

Your customers are your store's lifeblood. Without them, your business would fail.

After growing your business past a certain size it becomes difficult to remember every customer. That's why it's important for a business to start segmenting customers early on.

Without segmenting, you'll have difficulty providing the different levels of service your customers demand.

There are a huge variety of ways to segment customers.

Some simple. Some difficult.

Some powerful. Some questionable.

Since the primary goal of Repeat Customer Insights is to help you understand your customers, it offers a variety of customer segmenting options.

  • Customer Grading - great for small stores or if you're new to customer segmenting as it's just a single letter grade for each customer.
  • Automatic Segments - great for visually understanding the segments or as you're growing. Has more options than a letter grade so you can tell the difference between a big-spender and a frequent-buyer.
  • RFM - the model that gives you a lot of options and has worked for giant stores for decades. Probably all the options you want, at least until you have a building of statisticians on staff.

Since the app automatically analyzes your customers, you get access to all three options so you can experiment with any one to find what works best for you.

Eric Davis

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