Do you know where your Shopify store sales actually come from?

Sometimes I'll hear stories about a new marketing channel and how amazing it is, but then there's no sales data to back it up. It just "feels" good (read: fun to use).

It's similar to how much social media is talked up as an email marketing disruptor, but then (not) surprisingly when you look at the results email marketing comes out at 3x more effective at conversions.

Tracking where sales come from (attribution) is one of the most difficult activities in marketing, but it's the linchpin to keep everything moving.

That's why Repeat Customer Insights started analyzing the customer acquisition sources. If it finds that all of your loyal and VIP customers are coming from your POS system or a specific app, you're going to want to prioritize your efforts there.

Eric Davis

Start noticing seasonal spikes in customer behavior

Cohort reports let you detect seasonal spikes as well as long-term retention cycles. Repeat Customer Insights can automatically create cohorts for your Shopify store, going back to your very first order.

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