Find what percentage of customers reorder in a time frame

A Repeat Customer Insights customer was asking if it was possible to find the percentage of customers who purchase for a second time within four months.

The Cohort report lists various metrics for the customers who first buy in a given month (their cohort month). It also tracks their behavior month-by-month over time.

Cohort Report showing cumulative purchase percentages

Each row is a cohort and each column is the number of months after their first purchase. So column 4 shows the 4th month after their purchase.

For the cohort 2014-12, 100% of the customers have reordered at least one more times by the 4th month. In the 2015-01 cohort, only 75% have.

To see this with your own store's data,

  1. install the app,
  2. go to the Cohorts Report, then
  3. enable the "Include previous months" option.

That option combines prior month data and changes it from "bought in the 4th month" to "bought in at least one of the prior months or in the 4th month".

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