Focus on a few strategies and keep your tactics a secret

While reading through my backlog, I found a post by Seth Godin that does a great job of comparing strategy and tactics.

This line got me thinking:

Strategies don't change. They're not a secret. It doesn't matter if your peers or opponents know your strategy. Tactics, on the other hand, change often, and are usually best kept quiet.

Many stores, probably including many of your competitors, are too focused on tactics. Some probably only focus on tactics and have no strategy.

Deciding on a strategy is more difficult. The key is deciding and keeping that commitment. Especially when some new tactic comes along.

It's perfectly alright (and good even) to hear about something new and deciding that it's not for you.

Find the few marketing systems that work for your store, fit you and your organization, and you enjoy using. Don't worry about all of the others.

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Eric Davis

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