Get your loyalty program setup now so it can help you by Black Friday

Now would also be a good time to start setting up a loyalty program.

Get it in place now so you can start to get some experience and see how your customers respond to it. Take what you learn over the next three months and use that during the holiday season (e.g. "double the rewards points on Black Friday").

You could also use Repeat Customer Insights to help figure out your reward levels.

If you're using the amount spent as your reward basis, use the Monetary score and compare your 3s to your 4s and 5s.

If you're using the number of orders, look at Frequency (3 vs 4 and 5) or even the Latency report to find out what points tend to flip customers into the high-quality customers.

Eric Davis

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Segment your customers to find the diamonds in the rough

Not all customers are equal but it is difficult to dig through all of your data to find the best customers.
Repeat Customer Insights will automatically analyze your Shopify customers to find the best ones. With over 150 segments applied automatically, it gives your store the analytics power of the big stores but without requiring a data scientist on staff.

Install Repeat Customer Insights for Shopify

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