Getting lost by staring at the lone customer’s behavior and forgetting about the forest

Customer behavior can be difficult to understand when you’re looking at only a handful of customers.

I was looking at some reports for my apps recently and I saw several people who started to install JSON-LD for SEO but then stopped halfway through. The most curious ones where the ones who installed, picked a plan, and then declined the payment.

I can understand someone installing and having questions before paying. That’s expected and normal behavior.

But going all the way through the install process and then aborting at the last minute is odd.

Luckily I send abandoned cart emails to those customers which helps start some conversations, but the majority of them I never hear from.

I have to remind myself that there’s always a handful of people who will abandon and that I shouldn’t invest a lot of time and resources into trying to achieve a perfect 100%. An optimization or two might be worthwhile and valuable, but at my levels it’s not something I should focus my attention on.

Now if you have a high number of cart abandons or a low conversion rate, those might be burning problem that you should solve.

But even then, try to look at the aggregate results and don’t puzzle over why a specific customer didn’t buy.

If you don’t know where to start looking at your aggregated customer behavior, start with Repeat Customer Insights.

It’ll run several automatic analyses on your Shopify store and give you recommendations where to improve. You don’t need to configure or setup anything other than pick what level of reporting you want.

Eric Davis

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