Use gift cards to catch those last minute orders

With the holiday shipping season starting to close, now is the time that many stores are recommending gift cards to customers.

These can be great for buyers who procrastinated gift-buying but they also serve self-gifters. Especially if there are incentives around them.

Promoting gift cards can be easy once you have them setup as a product in your store. A few tweaks to your main offer on your homepage or top banner and an email campaign with an email or two might be all you need.

As far as incentives, the simple ones are discounting (e.g. buy $50 gift card for $40) or buy one get one (e.g. buy $50 gift card, get a $10 one for free). Both can work well for the procrastinating buyers and self-gifters. Don't feel limited to them though, you can get pretty creative with them (e.g. buy gift card for later and get a free token gift right now, buy gift card and get a coupon for free shipping later)

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