Graduation day defection

Recently my daughter graduated preschool and getting ready for kindergarten.

It's an important day for her because she sees it as her becoming a Big Kid day.

A big kid who gets to go to the big kid school.

As part of her graduation we're going to take her out to dinner and plan a fun night for her.

Typical parent stuff.

But this is just a standard, run-of-the mill cycle for her current school.

Every year at this time the kids graduate and move on to another school.

It's a built-in ending of their customer's lifecycle that runs like clockwork.

Year after year.

Class after class.

Your customer's lifecycles may or may not run as regular but they still follow patterns.

Customers find out about your store, shop around a bit, buy something, maybe buy again, and maybe come back a few more times.

The difference is, your store can do what every parent dreams of:

Freezing time and keeping their child young.

Or in ecommerce terms, keeping and retaining your customers.

Before you can improve your customer retention, it helps to know how you're already doing. Improving your retention from 3-10% takes vastly different strategies than going from 40-60%.

Repeat Customer Insights can help you measure this.

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