Have something on deck and ready to go

One thing I learned this weekend was to always have an inventory of plants started for the garden.

That way when something is done and pulled out (or eaten by slugs), I can fill the open space.

More production.

Less weeds.

Nicer looking garden.

Totally worth the extra minutes of planning a couple of weeks ago and a handful of seeds.

The same can be said for your Shopify store in multiple areas.

The easy one is to make sure you always have some inventory to sell. Not too much but not too little either.

But this idea of having something ready to plant applies to a bunch of other areas of your store. New employee tasks, marketing campaigns, A/B tests, and even new product designs.

Having something ready to go will make sure you've optimized your calendar time. It also means if there's a failure you can recover more easily from it.

So make sure you're sprouting some seeds. Get an A/B test planned, brainstorm some new designs, and get marketing campaign ready.

Don't let the business slugs eat everything you've produced.

If you'd like help with some marketing campaign planning, Repeat Customer Insights includes about 30 different automatic customer segments with content and customer targeting ideas. You could easily use its advice to whip up a few campaigns to target your best (or highest risk) customers.

Eric Davis

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