How a single sheet of paper can help you plan all of your marketing

One quick way to plan out your marketing is to print out this year's calendar on a single sheet of page. Each day gets it's own tiny box.

Then fill in the big events and sales you're going to have.

Finally, count back to figure out when you should start marketing for each one.

Now you have all of the dates to have your marketing ready, dates to start your marketing, and when your big events are. All on one sheet.

You can even go further and plan out off-season events (e.g. vacations, company retreats, seasonal design planning).

And save the calendar for next year because 80% of the events will be the same, just the dates and timelines might move around from year-to-year.

Don't just blindly try marketing tactic after marketing tactic, hoping that a random one will grow your revenue.

By analyzing your customers and orders, Repeat Customer Insights can help find which marketing tactics attract the best customers.

Eric Davis

Analyze your customer behavior

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