How to install a private Shopify app

One question that comes up often is:

How do you install a private Shopify app?

The thing is, you don’t actually install private Shopify apps.

Since they are restricted to only one store, you don’t have to go through the installation process.

This confusion happens because public and unlisted Shopify apps are installed. If you’ve ever installed one, you might remember some back and forth between Shopify and your store and a prompt for "do you give ExampleApp permission to…?"

Private apps, however, are different. They get their permission when a store admin creates the app in the store.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry! Here’s the process, and it’s actually quite simple.

1. Log into your store’s administration panel

To start, log into your store’s administration panel.

If you are a Shopify Partner, this is not the Partner Dashboard version. Those are for public apps only. Instead, you want the store administration panel.

2. Open the Apps menu and click on Private apps

In the sidebar, click on the Apps menu and then click on the Private apps button on top.

3. Click Create private app


If you don’t have any private apps, there will be a button called "Create private app" that you want to click.

If you already have one, this button is in the top menu.

4. Give your private app a title


The app title is only used in your store so name it something you can recognize later.

Click the Save app button to create it.

5. Copy your credentials, and your app is ready!


Now your private app is ready to go. You’ll see the app credentials that you need to configure in your app’s code, but that’s everything you need to do on the Shopify side.

Your private app is now "installed" and you can start making API calls with it.

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