How to market a new ecommerce product that no one has heard of yet

A recent subscriber asked me:

how to market a new Ecommerce product that no one has heard of yet

I haven't ever sold an ecommerce product but I have sold a lot of things online so I have a few suggestions.

I would recommend finding the people who would benefit from your product and then you'll find what marketing would be a natural fit.

In other words,

  1. find who currently has an problem or pain that is unaddressed by the current products.
  2. build relationships with them.
  3. ideally you'd want to help them and educate them about their pains, how to solve them (not just by buying your product), and anything else relevant to the space they're in.
  4. as they start to know, like, and trust you, they'll give you permission to market to them (e.g. signup for your mailing lists, contact you directly, etc).

It's not a sexy growth hack but it has worked for me and other businesses for years.

Plus it's fun to help people and see them improve.

As you start to get a few customers, keep learning about them. Send them an email. Ask them questions. Watch what they do.

The better you understand them, the better you'll be able to help them through your products and services.

Repeat Customer Insights might even be able to help you with some of this.

Its analysis will help you find groups of customers like your high spenders, newest, or frequent buyers.

Eric Davis

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