How your Shopify store can deal with Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is coming next week.

You have a few options.

1. You can ignore it. Say you don't sell on Amazon and don't want to compete on your own.

It might be a slower week or two for you if people spent all their money with Amazon.

2. You can join Amazon and sell your products as part of Prime Day.

I don't know the details but you probably had to already join it by now. If you missed it, you could try next year.

I'd expect you'd get a boost in sales but you'll need to watch your profit levels as Amazon is a deep discounter, especially with the deal shopping on Prime Day.

3. You can embrace Prime Day without joining it by making sure your products are on Amazon, available, and priced competitively.

It probably won't be a significant boost to revenue alone but it could be a nice bump.

4. You could watch what they do and create your own Prime Day later on.

The 2nd and 4th options take the most effort but have the most profit potential. But you can always do the 1st option if you don't have the time or energy.

Just don't waste your time complaining about Prime Day (option #5). Make the day productive for you.

Ignore it, use it, or mimic it.

Prime Day is a good example of treating your existing customers well. You have to buy into Amazon Prime, but those customers are typically their better customers (self-segmentation at work).

There's nothing stopping you from treating your own customers the same way.

Get a list of customers. Get some deals together. Start promoting.

If you need help with picking out your best customers, Repeat Customer Insights and its automatic segments can help you with that. It also includes advice on what kind of messaging to use for each group.

Eric Davis

Use cohorts to find out who the best customers are in your Shopify store

Repeat Customer Insights icon

Repeat Customer Insights will automatically group your customers into cohorts based on when they first purchased. This will let you see how the date customers bought would impact their behavior.

Install Repeat Customer Insights for Shopify

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