Important metrics to watch in your Shopify store

Yesterday I wrote about watching over the right metrics and how that can help detect problems before they get too large (assuming you act on the metrics which I procrastinated on).

When you run a Shopify store there are 100s of metrics you can track. Here's a few that I'd recommend for every store:

Additional metrics can be watched depending on what strategies were being executed. As you start/stop those strategies, you'd also start/stop watching over the metrics associated with them.

Improving organic sales.

Improving conversion rates.

Any kind of advertising.

Improving retention and customer loyalty.

The metrics you watch should be tailored for what you're focusing on. You can collect all of them if it's easy or automatic but there should be only a few you actively care about. It wouldn't make much sense to worry about organic traffic levels if you've been focused on ads for the last six months.

Shopify and Google Analytics can collect some of these for you. Repeat Customer Insights will collect many of the various retention and loyalty metrics.

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