Is November or December a better promotion month for your store?

Another useful Cohort analysis you can do with Repeat Customer Insights is to compare how November performs versus December.

November has Black Friday / Cyber Monday but also has quite a bit of "I'll wait for it to go on sale" in the beginning of the month.

December has most of the winter holidays which acts as deadlines, so there's a lot more of ongoing sales.

Comparing the two can be useful to see if your customers tend to buy more in November or December.

Good calculations to check are:

  • Total sales revenue
  • Number of customers ordering
  • Number of new customers
  • Number of repeat customers
  • AOV

Take in how prior years performed and it'll help you understand if one month always performs better or if it shifts. Just make sure to compare the two months in the same year only (2020 November vs 2020 December). If you compare months in different years you'll be measuring something completely different.

The results from those comparisons can tell you which month should be your primary focus.

Eric Davis

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