Make daily, tiny improvements to your Shopify store, put away a box a day

One downside of moving is dealing with all of the boxes piled up.

Boxes in the living room.

Boxes in the kitchen.

Boxes in the office.

Boxes, boxes everywhere.

It's easy to become overwhelmed with how much is left undone.

One strategy I used is to commit to unpacking at least one box per day.

Some days that's all I'd get to.

Other days I'd knock out a dozen.

But by keeping the commitment low I'm able to handle the overwhelming feeling.

Sure there was a room full of boxes left, but I handled my one for today. The rest can wait until tomorrow.

There are times when your store will overwhelm you too. Times where you just can't deal with everything going on.

Use this box rule.

Pick the one or two things you have to do each day, minimum. Get them done first thing today, then everything else becomes a bonus.

One thing you could do today would be to email a single customer who has become a great repeat customer.

Just use a simple email asking them how you can help them.

If you get stuck picking who you should email, you can use the Customer Analysis from Repeat Customer Insights to help you decide. Just pick a customer graded with an A and who has more than one order.

Eric Davis

Get a snapshot of your customer behavior

The sooner you signup for Repeat Customer Insights, the more comparison points your store will have. Each 1st of a the month a new snapshot is taken and saved to your account for analysis.

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