Marketing to your strengths

You need to take into account your strengths when marketing.

If you’re naturally a shy person, don’t make PR and interviews a core strategy you use. Use writing, ads, or email marketing. Something you can do the bulk of the work without having to interact with the public.

Or if you are a people person, do interviews or podcast guest tours or PR stunts.

Forcing yourself to follow specific tactics because you heard they were good is an opportunity for disaster. Most marketing tactics will work given enough time and effort.

Combine one that uses your strengths and it’ll work better and faster.

The same applies if you have a team to help. What strengths does the team have has a whole and where are an individual’s strengths?

And use what you have now. I know you can always DIY your way through something with the expectation of hiring someone later on but what if that doesn’t happen? What if you can’t find the right person to do that job?

It’s better to use your strengths on compatible strategies, hire someone, and then have them start something new based on their strengths.

Eric Davis

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