Monitor your Shopify store's key metrics to know when to air them out

We've had a cold and wet spring here so far. Even the cool season veggies are having a slow go at things.

To warm up baby plants I've kept a sheet of greenhouse plastic over my starts to keep them warm. Normally I would've swapped to a mesh one by now, it lets air and heat get out but keeps the squirrels from "transplanting" their own seeds.

This year I have a lot more confidence with this because I bought a thermometer to put in the DIY greenhouse. It keeps track of three temperatures (current, high since midnight, low since midnight) so it's easy to know when remove the plastic for a few hours or even swap for the mesh.

Monitoring the weather is like monitoring your store. They'll be highs and lows but over the long-term, you'd expect certain metrics to show trends.

Repeat Customer Insights can help you monitor your Shopify store's metrics. It uses a few models to collect dozens of metrics for your store, customers, and products. Plus it collects that data automatically so you don't need to fuss with data imports.

Eric Davis

Analyze your customer behavior

A quick and automatic way to measure your customer behavior is with Repeat Customer Insights. It'll automatically import your Shopify data and run a number of analyses to highlight different customer behavior.

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