Monitoring how your Shopify store performs each year

Throughout the year you'll want to monitor specific store metrics based on what you're actively working on.

For example, if you're trying to reduce returns then metrics around your return rate and return rate by sales channel would make sense.

There are other, more general metrics you'll want to keep an eye on all the time to make sure they remain steady. If they move too much, you'll want to pay attention as that could be a symptom of a problem or opportunity.

  1. Total Revenue. Should remain steady during a 12-month span.
  2. Average Order Value.
  3. Repeat Purchase Rate.
  4. Average orders per month. When looked at over a 12-month timespan it should be steady.
  5. COGS. Should be steady or grow slower than your Total Revenue.

In reality, most of these will vary and show some small changes over the course of the year. Some will vary from seasonality. Some will change from growth projects.

That's fine.

It's the big jumps or drops that you want to watch for.

Repeat Customer Insights includes many of those order and customer-based metrics in its reports. It can also update annual ones for you so you can easily see how the year is shaping up.

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Measure which customers you're retaining and which you're losing

In order to keep your best customers, you need visibility into what's going on with them. Repeat Customer Insights will help you track down where you're losing customers and how to better target new ones.

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